My Favourites

I was introduced to the world of  PC games back in the year 2005 and started with some classics like MIDNIGHT MADNESS, MIDTOWN MADNESS, ROAD RASH, PROJECT I.G.I and a few more.

A couple of years later i came across, what was going to be my favorite series, GRAND THEFT AUTO . I used to play GTA Vice City for hours. The huge open world intrigued me to discover all the secrets of the game. As soon as I completed Vice City, I switched to ‘ one of the best open world game of all times- GTA San Andreas.Then came the stealth games, SPLINTER CELL,  ASSASSINS CREED and not to forget the CALL OF DUTY series.


From Tommy Vercetti to Jacob in Assassins Creed Syndicate, a lot of protagonists may have changed but not the love for video games.



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