Most Awaited Games of 2017

Get Even

British amnesiac Cole Black wakes up in a setting with nothing but a cell phone — and a gun, of course. We are then tasked with somehow navigating him toward the girl his text messages are taunting him about, a teen who is about to be blown up for whatever reason and whom he has no hope in saving, according to his tormentors.

Its hard to believe it’s been over a decade since the last major Quake title blasted onto the scene. Unfortunately for many, 2005’s Quake proved to be a hugely underwhelming romp with a mediocre solo campaign and multiplayer. id Software appears to have gone back to the drawing board with Quake Champions, a PC exclusive arena shooter that aims to embrace what fans love: fast, bloody, satisfying action.


An older Kratos is exploring the wild with his young son. The pair take down wild animals and mythical beasts throughout, indicating that gameplay focuses on cooperation between the two characters. Kratos’ relationship with his son is significant, as series lore revealed that Kratos unknowingly killed his family during the events leading up to the original God of War, suggesting that Sony may be exploring an alternate narrative path for its conflicted protagonist.


Horizon: Zero Dawn is shaping up to be one of the biggest PS4 games of the year. Aloy, the main protagonist is told that she will have to venture out of the “Sacred Land” in order to find those responsible, and we’re treated to a shot of a robotic pterodactyl flying over a region that has long been consumed by nature. Towers are completely rusted, covered almost completely in ivy and leaves. Elsewhere, Aloy rushes through rocky wilderness as an enormous, brontosaurus-like creature paces nearby.

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